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November 6th, 2016

Hope you all had a FANTABULOUS summer! Summer has turned to Fall and soon the wonderful New England winter and Holiday season will be upon us!
And what better way to celebrate than to think ahead and get your loved one(s) the gift of FUN with a NAUTICON 2017 BADGE!

Reservations are NOW OPEN to those who have a badge ONLY! That means, you MUST REGISTER for your Nauticon 2017 badge BEFORE you are permitted to reserve your HOTEL room at the Provincetown Inn, the OFFICIAL HOTEL of Nauticon 2017!

Second! ARTISTS COLONY applications are NOW OPENED!!
PLEASE READ THE ARTISTS COLONY PAGE CAREFULLY for information on how to apply! As with reserving a non-Artists Colony room, you MUST REGISTER for your Nauticon 2017 badge, at which time, you will be reserving your AC space as well. Again, READ THE ARTISTS COLONY PAGE CAREFULLY for information!

And as always...more information to come as it becomes available!

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

NAUTICON 2017 - Spies, Like US!

July 16th, 2016

Nauticon for 2017 will be May 19-21.
We're off to YEAR 6...and STILL SAILING STRONG!

The Provincetown Inn will once again play host to our shenanigans and silliness! We are currently working with them on room rates, which will be available on their website in Late Summer/Fall 2016.

Badges are on sale! Now is the time to purchase at the low $75 per person rate!

Just remember...RESERVE YOUR HOTEL ROOM as soon as reservations opened in Late Summer/Fall 2016! The Provincetown Inn rooms sold out for Nauticon 2016...so you can BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY they'll sell out FASTER and FAR sooner for Nauticon 2017! BUT!!! You MUST purchase your BADGE BEFORE you can make your room reservation!

Your badge includes Open Bar parties on Friday and Saturday, The Big Show and all the fun panels on Saturday, plus the Sunday short day of beach frolic and informative panels.

This is NAUTICON 6! Letís CONTINUE to make it a GREAT fun filled-nerdy-tipsy weekend!


Nauticon (The 21+ Convention) is a creative and fun way for fans of anime, science fiction, fantasy, comicbooks, and all things nerdy to get together and get to know one another.

The event is held annually when we rent the entire Provincetown Inn so that you and your friends are part of a truly private event. And did we mention the beach? You can watch the sun set over the water while playing Battleshots at the Barfleet party.

Nauticon has panels ranging from anime to science fiction and comicbooks to webcomics, discussions of Star Trek or Doctor Who, programs run by the Dirty Old Lady's League and the Miracle Providers Drag Queens, and everything in between. Activities include a hike out to the lighthouse, incredible shopping in Provincetown, a creativity table, karaoke, kite flying, fan-run parties, and the Artists Colony. All of this is part of your badge cost!

But wait, there's more! For a small fee you can join in on tastings of meads or Scotch, or food parings like bourbon and chocolate. Or go off to the Provincetown Center and take in a show or go to the tea dance!

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